Belt Syllabus - Orange

Self Defence Techniques

1. CLUTCHING FEATHERS Front Left Hand Hair Grab

2. TRIGGERED SALUTE Front Right Hand Direct Push

3. DANCE OF DEATH Front Right Straight Punch with Left Leg Forward

4. THRUSTING SALUTE Front Right Step Through Kick


6. LOCKING HORNS Front Headlock

7. EVADING THE STORM Front Right Step Through Overhead Club

8. LONE KIMONO Front Left Hand Lapel Grab

9. GLANCING SALUTE Front Right Hand Cross Push

10. FIVE SWORDS Front Right Step Through Roundhouse Punch

11. SCRAPING HOOF Full Nelson

12. GRIP OF DEATH Left Flank Right Arm Headlock

13. REPEATING MACE Front Left Hand Punch

14. SHIELDING HAMMER Front Left Step Through Hooking Punch

15. STRIKING SERPENTS HEAD Front Bear-Hug, Arms Free

16. CRASHING WINGS Rear Bear-Hug, Arms Free


Long Form 1


Kicking Set 1