Belt Syllabus - Green

Self Defense Techniques

1. BEGGING HANDSFront Two Hand Grab To Wrists

2. THRUSTING WEDGE Front Two Hand High Push

3. FLASHING WINGS Front Right Step Through Punch

4. HUGGING PENDULIM Front Right Thrusting Knife Edge Kick


6. DESTRUCTIVE TWIN Front Two Hand Choke -Pulling In

7. DEFYING THE STORM Front Right Step Through Roundhouse Club

8. CROSSED TWIGS Rear Two Hand Grab To Wrists

9. SNAKING TALON Front Two Hand Push

10. SHIELD AND MACE Front Right Step Through Punch

11. RETREATING PENDULIM Front Right Thrusting Heel Kick Executed with either a Right Step Through or a Left Rear Crossover

12. TRIPPING ARROW Front Bear Hug, Arms Free

13. WINGS OF SILKRear Two Arm Armlink

14. CONQUERING SHIELD Front Left Stiff Arm Lapel Grab

15. ENTANGLED WING Front Arm Lock

16. RAKING MACEFront Two Hand Lapel - Pulling In


Short Form 3


Co-Ordination Set 2