Belt Syllabus - Blue

Self Defense Techniques

1. TWIN KIMONOFront Two Hand Lapel Grab—Push Out

2. PARTING WINGS Front Two-Hand Push

3. THUNDERING HAMMERS Front Right Step Through Punch

4. SWINGING PENDULIM Front Right Roundhouse Kick

5. SQEEZING THE PEACH Rear Bear-Hug, Arms Pinned

6. CIRCLING WING Rear Two Hand Choke-Arms Bent

7. OBSTRUCTING THE STORM Front Right Step Through Overhead Club

8. DARTING MACE Front Two-Hand Wrist Grab

9. HOOKING WINGS Front Left Step Through Straight Punch

10. SHIELD AND SWORD Front Left Step Through Punch

11. GIFT IN RETURN Front Handshake

12. BOW OF COMPULSION Front Wrist Lock Against Opponents Chest

13. CHARGING RAM Front Tackle With Arms Extended Wide

14. SLEEPER Front Right Step Through Straight Punch

15. CROSS OF DESTRUCTION Rear Two-Hand Choke

16. FLIGHT TO FREEDOM Rear Hammerlock


Long Form 2


Strike Set 1

Finger Set 1